About NECOR Zambia Limited

Professional Ethics

Necor Zambia Limited recognizes the myriad of practical ethical problems and phenomena which arise out of our specific functional areas, as well as the challenges in relation to the recognized business professions in our business field. We are guided by our principle of Highest Standards of Integrity in all our professional conduct.

Where We Want To Be

NECOR Zambia Limited will continue to provide Information Technology solutions to the Financial, Manufacturing, Government, as well as Corporate institutions in Zambia. NECOR Zambia will endeavour to promote to the best of its ability, all NCR's products and services in Zambia. It will continue to focus on growth, profitability and investment in the future by continually transforming the company into a true Solutions Provider. We want to continue being the brains behind the relationship technology solutions in most Financial Accounts, transforming transactions into relationships by creating partnerships with our customers and providing business solutions in the consumer age, ultimately helping turn technology into a business advantage in the market we operate.

Our Strength

Because of our long established industry knowledge and expertise, our business solutions are built on the foundation of this historical long established industry knowledge and consulting expertise, value-adding software, access to global customer support services and world-leading hardware technologies.