About NECOR Zambia Limited


1948 - A branch of NCR Southern Rhodesia was opened in Zambia
1972 - NCR Zambia was incorporated under the Zambia companies act.
2000 - NECOR Zambia was registered as a limited company in Zambia.
2000 - NECOR Zambia took over all operations of NCR Zambia.
2001 - Application Solutions Zambia Limited, a susidiary is incorporated.
2002 - NECOR's subsidiary Systemedia Technologies Kenya Limited acquires Systemedia division of NCR Kenya.

Our Guilding Principle

Commitment to Excellence

Our goals can only be achieved when each member of staff is committed to excellence

Customer Dedication

Both internal and external customer dedication is crucial for our successful existence.

Accountability to Success

We believe that Necor's success is a collection of the accounted successes of each member of staff when they take responsibility for there roles in the company

Highest standards of Integrity

We believe that if every member of staff adheres to highest standards of integrity, then we shall become successful as a company.

Respect For Each Other

Necor overall performance depends on the respect that staff have for each other and for our customers and other members of society.