Zamswitch Zambia Limited

Zamswitch Zambia Limited is a software development firm in Lusaka, Zambia. Zamswitch provides enterprise level software development services and transaction processing services.

Zamswitch is a joint venture between NECOR Zambia Limited and Geesoft Systems (Pvt) Limited of Zimbabwe. NECOR Zambia is one of the biggest Infomation Technology companies in the country, with over 90% of the installed ATM base in the country, and a customer base that includes government, financial institutions and the productive sector.

Geesoft Systems is a boutique Software development company in Zimbabwe, which has been providing software development services to many financial institutions in Southern Africa.

Zamswitch benefits from the software development expertise as well as the software solution portfolio of Geesoft Systems, which complements the extensive ICT infrastructure experience and market knowledge provided by NECOR Zambia. This synergy has resulted in a number of pioneering solutions in Zambia being provided by Zamswitch.