Systemedia Limited

Systemedia develops, produces and markets a complete line of printer consumables for various print technologies. Systemedia products include paper rolls for receipts in ATMs and POS solutions, inkjet and laser printer supplies, thermal transfer and ink ribbons, labels, laser documents, business forms, and specialty media items such as photo and presentation papers, and two-sided thermal paper. Systemedia products are designed to optimize operations and improve transaction accuracy while reducing overall costs. Target Markets and Distribution Channels The major industries targeted by Systemedia include retail, transportation, financial services and manufacturing. Systemedia's direct sales organization focuses on providing comprehensive solutions to customers.

Competition in the printer consumable and media solutions industry is significant and varies by geographic area and product group. The primary areas of competitive differentiation are typically quality, logistics and supply chain management, and total cost of ownership. While price is always a factor, Systemedia focuses on the customer's total cost of ownership for its products. Total cost of ownership takes into account not only the per-unit cost of the media, but also service, usage reporting and support costs.