ICT Consultancy

Our information and communications technology (ICT) consultancy ensures technology not only meets the requirements of its users but that it is implemented and managed to realise the promised benefits.
ICT is integral to modern life and covers all aspects of society's infrastructure including:
• Efficient online services
• Sophisticated spatial and transportation systems
• Complex communications and IT networks in buildings

Our deep specialist skills and knowledge include the following areas:
• Information security – We understand and implement the procedures and processes to deliver systems in some of the highest security environments.
• ICT Consultancy – We provide Information & Communications Technology (ICT) solutions to the Financial, Government and Corporate business communities in Zambia.
• High Integrity Systems – We are involved in High Integrity software development.
• Software engineering – We take pride in our ability to rapidly design and deliver operational systems to meet our clients' requirements. Our vendor independence and proficiency in a wide range of technologies enables us to produce solutions ranging from configured off-the-shelf systems through to bespoke mobile and web applications.
• Asset management – We provide comprehensive asset management systems to a diverse portfolio of clients.
• Software assurance – Necor offers a comprehensive, independent software assurance service, covering testing and qualification (Independent Software Verification and Validation).