After Sales Support

Necor Zambia provides a good after-sales service to our customers and build a long-term relationship with them, earn their loyalty and keep their business. We use after-sales service strategies to consolidate sales, build customer relationships and grow our profits. Providing after-sales service keeps our customers coming back to us and encourages them to refer our business to others.

We highlight the importance of after-sales service and explain customer service techniques that will help us build better relationships with customers. Necor Zambia is committed to providing lifelong pro-active product support – beginning with the sale and installation of our systems and components and continuing throughout the life of your vessel. Parts, services and proper and detailed documentation are globally available through our network.

Available support and services including:
• Installation and start-up
• Service and repair – factory / service center / or onboard
• Service contracts
• Troubleshooting assististance over the phone
• Engineering and technical sales assistance
• Upgrade and retrofit parts and programs
• Spare and replacement parts
• Tailored factory and on-board training
• On-board system and spares analysis